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Segmind is a fully managed CloudOps platform that connects and coordinates your entire ML development workflow, end-to-end.

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Build Faster, with managed Cloud Ops

ML engineers are not cloud engineers and cloud infrastructure management is a pain. So, we abstracted away all of it so that your ML team can focus on what they do the best, build models better and faster.

Scale Your AI Training While Reducing Costs

Training ML/DL models takes time and can get expensive quickly. But with Segmind, you can scale up your compute seamlessly while also reducing your costs by upto 70%, with our managed spot instances.

Manage Better with ML Analytics Dashboard.

ML managers today don't have a bird's eye view of the ML development activities and cost. But with Segmind's ML Analytics dashboard, you have a granular view of your ML team’s development and compute costs, which will help you manage your team better and also optimize costs.

One platform, to manage it all.

We were ML/DL Engineers/Scientists and Managers at one point. We have built Segmind's workflow and features to make you more productive and manage it all, on one single platform.

Ready to go
With Segmind, you get enterprise ready features right out-of-the-box.
We offer...
Kubernetes Ready
Resource Autoscaling
Distributed ML training
Multiple IDE's
Experiment Tracking
Managed Dockers
No more hassle around setting up your own Tensorflow, PyTorch, CUDA, CuDNN environments. With Segmind, you can attach a docker and start your work, within minutes.
Share instances
Want to collaborate with your teammate or have them review/help with your code? With a single click, you can share your instance and start working together.
Seamless Switch
With Segmind's seamless switch, you can scale up or scale down your CPU/GPU resources seamlessly, within couple of minutes.
Scalabe Clusters
Cut down your time to setup Kubernetes enabled scalable CPU or GPU clusters, under 30mins instead of weeks/months.

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