The First Optimization and Deployment Platform For Generative AI

Optimization & deployment platform that increases inference speed by up to 5x for Generative AI.
Latencies <1s
5X inference speed
50% lower VRAM
70% lower cloud costs

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Why Segmind?

Before segmind
After segmind
5X Faster Latency
p99 Latencies
70% Compute Cost Savings

Use cases

Segmind combines the power of generative AI with its optimized deployment to create high value designs and assets at a speed and cost unmatched by alternatives.

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Create high fidelity gaming elements and assets within seconds.

uplo studio
Marketing leader


Create extremely high res scene mockups, backgrounds and concept arts within minutes.

uplo studio
Marketing leader

Retail Fashion

Generate model photoshoots on your own catalogue of apparels and products, within minutes.

uplo studio
Marketing leader

Marketing & Blogs

Generate illustrations and pictures for your blogs and marketing content, within seconds.

uplo studio
Marketing leader

Web Design

Generate high fidelity web designs and mockups for your websites, instantly.

uplo studio
Marketing leader

How Segmind Works

Segmind offers a flexible serverless optimization platform that increases inference speed by 5x on average.

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Download voltaMl

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Deploy a model

Choose among hundreds of the most popular optimized ML models
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Call Your Model in Production

Use a simple rest API to call your model with our End-To-End Platform.

Segmind Benefits

Serverless platform for Generative AI inferences that optimize the algorithm, memory footprint, and deployment coming soon* 
Email for private beta.

Fastest Latency

  • Fit more models per GPU for maximum Acceleration
  • 3x to 5x Inference Increase
  • Reach real-time image and video latency
  • Beat competitors with the most optimal latency 

Serverless Inferences

  • Serverless fne-tuning automatically optimized to your cloud and use case
  • Nivida Trition and Kubrntess Optizmation with zero lines of code
  • Auto-scaling included to maintain low latency and scale up and down only as needed

Cost Effective

  • Using Segmind you will instantly achieve the most optimal serverless inference available for Generative AI
  • Eliminate the need for platform engineering and DevOps to service your inference optimization and deployment needs


  • Bring your own weights to customize and extend the platform to your specific pipeline needs
  • Work the way you want to with custom pipelines to avoid vendor lock

Generative AI Teams Love Us

Optimize the hardest parts of any model and remove the need to be a cloud expert to realize faster, more reliable, and cheaper cloud costs with zero algorithmic code changes or re-architecture.

Efficiency Superpowers

"The (overall) 5x speed boost the team achieved with voltaML diffusion is game-changing. I'm hoping that the Segmind team can be an efficiency superpower for us. Which is going to be necessary to offer the services we'd like to at the prices we want."

Founder CEO,
Leading Gen AI Model Hub.

Founder, CEO
Largest Stable Diffusion Hub In the World

Insane speed

"the speeds that voltaML is achieving is insane compared to the other libraries in the market."

Power user,
Leading Gen AI Startup.

uplo studio
Generative AI Startup

Super easy

"voltaML has made it super-easy to accelerate different stable diffusion models and styles, with a single click."

voltaML community member.

Founder, CEO
Largest Stable Diffusion Hub In the World

Wild optimization

"the way Segmind has optimised these models in the production environment, is just wild."

Leading Gen AI Social startup.

Founder, CEO
Largest Stable Diffusion Hub In the World