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Relighting transforms image illumination with unparalleled control and realism. Relighting model is based on IC-Light, short for "Imposing Consistent Light," leverages cutting-edge AI to manipulate lighting within your images, ensuring seamless integration with existing light conditions.

Text-Driven Illumination Control: Imagine effortlessly adjusting the lighting in your photos using simple text prompts. Relighting model operates as a text-conditioned relighting model, allowing you to specify the desired lighting direction – left, right, top, or bottom. With this intuitive interface, you can instantly relight your images, creating dramatic shadows, adding warmth, or creating a bright and airy feel.

Realism at its Finest: Relighting model goes beyond basic manipulation. The underlying AI models are meticulously trained to understand the physics of light, ensuring that relit images maintain a natural and believable appearance. This translates to seamless merging with existing lighting conditions within the image, eliminating awkward transitions or unrealistic shadows.

Benefits of Relighting in AI Photo Editing

  • Effortless Lighting Control: Text-based prompts provide a user-friendly way to adjust image illumination, empowering even non-technical users to achieve stunning results.

  • Unparalleled Realism: Relighting model leverages advanced AI, trained on real-world lighting scenarios, to produce photorealistic relighting effects.

  • Enhanced Image Storytelling: With the ability to manipulate lighting, Relighting unlocks a world of creative possibilities. Craft specific moods and atmospheres, emphasize key elements, or simply add a touch of artistic flair to your images.

  • Increased Efficiency: Eliminate time-consuming manual editing processes. Relighting automates relighting, allowing you to focus on the creative aspects of image manipulation.

Whether you're a professional photographer, a creative hobbyist, or simply looking to enhance your existing photos, Relighting provides the tools to bring your vision to life.