Pricing for Developers

Output Shape Size default: 512x512

Pricing will be calculated by using the closest dimension

steps default: 20 ( $0.000598 every 5 steps above 20 )

Cost Per API Call

$ 0.000000

For enterprise pricing and custom weights or models

contact our sales team.


ICBINP is short for "I can't believe it's not photography"engineered on Stable Diffusion 1.5, that prioritizes hyper-realism. It pushes the boundaries of digital imagery, crafting portraits so lifelike that they challenge the discerning eye. With its prowess in capturing the intricate details of hair, skin, and eyes, and its enhanced capability for night and dark imagery.

Use Cases

  1. Digital Photography: Ideal for professionals and enthusiasts looking to create lifelike portraits without the need for a camera.

  2. Film and Animation: Filmmakers and animators can harness ICBINP for character design and scene creation, ensuring photorealistic outputs.

  3. Advertising and Marketing: Marketers can create compelling visuals for campaigns, ensuring high audience engagement with lifelike images.

  4. Art and Design: Artists can craft detailed portraits, enhancing their artworks with hyper-realistic human features.