Reliberate is a cutting-edge AI model that brings a new level of realism to digital artistry. Developed by the same team behind the Deliberate model, Reliberate is designed for those who need to work with a photographic style, offering a unique blend of realism and artistry. Unlike its predecessor, Reliberate is not just a new version of Deliberate, but a separate evolution that focuses on creating stunningly realistic images. This Stable Diffusion 1.5 model is particularly adept at producing photorealistic images in stunning detail, making it an excellent tool for creating high-definition portraits.

The Reliberate model operates on a stable diffusion framework and uses SD 1.5 as it's base model. It works best when you combine it with an upscaler like ESRGAN.

The power of Reliberate lies in its ability to generate hyper-realistic images with minimal input. The model operates on the principle of "less is more," often producing the most realistic results when given concise descriptions. This makes it an excellent tool for creating images that look like real-life photographs. Whether you're a realism creator, meticulous anatomy artist, or a photographer, you'll find that Reliberate can create absolutely stunning images that blur the line between digital art and reality.

Reliberate use cases

  1. Realistic Portraits: With its ability to capture stunning detail, Reliberate is perfect for creating realistic digital art portraits.

  2. Character Generation: Game developers and animators can use Reliberate to generate diverse characters with photorealistic detail.

  3. Unique Avatars: Create unique and realistic avatars for social media or virtual reality platforms with ease.

  4. Fictional Characters: Authors and graphic novelists can use Reliberate to design and visualize their characters in stunning detail.

  5. Fashion Design: Fashion designers can utilize Reliberate to visualize different styles and outfits on various models, aiding in the design process.

Reliberate license

The license for the Reliberate model, known as the "CreativeML Open RAIL-M" license, is designed to promote both open and responsible use of the model. You may add your own copyright statement to your modifications and provide additional or different license terms for your modifications. You are accountable for the output you generate using the model, and no use of the output can contravene any provision as stated in the license.