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ReV Animated

ReV Animated is an innovative model that brings a new dimension to image generation. This model is a product of a checkpoint merge, combining the capabilities of multiple models to create unique and dynamic outputs. With a focus on 2.5D-like image generations, ReV Animated can produce a variety of styles including Fantasy, Anime, Semi-Realistic, and Landscape. The model's understanding of prompts and body poses is impressive, allowing it to generate images of characters holding weapons, becoming giantesses, and exhibiting a range of facial expressions. Designed to work best on a resolution of 512x512, ReV Animated is a LoRa friendly model that brings your prompts to life.

From a technical perspective, ReV Animated is based on the Stable Diffusion 1.5 base model. The model's architecture gives more weight to words at the beginning of your prompt, meaning the order of your prompt matters. The optimal prompt order is content type, description, style, and then composition. For those seeking anime-2.5D type images, the model responds well to prompts beginning with phrases like "((best quality))", "((masterpiece))", or "(detailed)". This model excels at creating PORTRAITS, making it a powerful tool for artists and creators.

Its ability to understand and interpret prompts allows for a high degree of customization in the generated images. The model's proficiency in creating a variety of styles, from fantasy to semi-realistic, makes it versatile and adaptable. Furthermore, its understanding of body poses and facial expressions adds a level of detail and realism to the images it generates.

ReV Animated use cases

  1. Character Design: Artists can use ReV Animated to generate unique character designs for their projects.

  2. Concept Art: Game developers and filmmakers can use the model to create concept art for their projects.

  3. Illustration: Illustrators can use ReV Animated to generate detailed and dynamic illustrations.

  4. Animation: Animators can use the model to create frames for their animations.

ReV Animated license

The license for the ReV Animated model, known as the "CreativeML Open RAIL-M" license, is designed to promote both open and responsible use of the model. You may add your own copyright statement to your modifications and provide additional or different license terms for your modifications. You are accountable for the output you generate using the model, and no use of the output can contravene any provision as stated in the license.