1const axios = require('axios');
4const api_key = "YOUR API-KEY";
5const url = "";
7const data = {
8  "prompt": "futuristic sci-fi high-tech city of Atlantis in late afternoon light, wispy clouds in a blue sky",
9  "negative_prompt": "blurry, blurred, amateur, ugly, low quality, sketch, low resolution, warped, crooked, deformed, cartoony, low detail",
10  "scheduler": "dpmpp_2m",
11  "num_inference_steps": 30,
12  "guidance_scale": 5,
13  "samples": 1,
14  "seed": 516797155652,
15  "img_width": 512,
16  "img_height": 768,
17  "base64": false
20(async function() {
21    try {
22        const response = await, data, { headers: { 'x-api-key': api_key } });
23        console.log(;
24    } catch (error) {
25        console.error('Error:',;
26    }
HTTP Response Codes
200 - OKImage Generated
401 - UnauthorizedUser authentication failed
404 - Not FoundThe requested URL does not exist
405 - Method Not AllowedThe requested HTTP method is not allowed
406 - Not AcceptableNot enough credits
500 - Server ErrorServer had some issue with processing


promptstr *

Prompt to render

negative_promptstr ( default: None )

Prompts to exclude, eg. 'bad anatomy, bad hands, missing fingers'

schedulerenum:str ( default: UniPC )

Type of scheduler.

Allowed values:

num_inference_stepsint ( default: 20 ) Affects Pricing

Number of denoising steps.

min : 20,

min : 100

guidance_scalefloat ( default: 7.5 )

Scale for classifier-free guidance

min : 0.1,

min : 25

samplesint ( default: 1 ) Affects Pricing

Number of samples to generate.

min : 1,

min : 4

seedint ( default: -1 )

Seed for image generation.

img_widthenum:int ( default: 512 ) Affects Pricing

Width of the image.

Allowed values:

img_heightenum:int ( default: 512 ) Affects Pricing

Height of the Image

Allowed values:

base64boolean ( default: 1 )

Base64 encoding of the output image.

To keep track of your credit usage, you can inspect the response headers of each API call. The x-remaining-credits property will indicate the number of remaining credits in your account. Ensure you monitor this value to avoid any disruptions in your API usage.


The Scifi Model is a groundbreaking AI tool specifically designed for the creation of breathtaking science fiction environments. This model is a dream come true for creators and enthusiasts of the sci-fi genre, offering the ability to generate immersive and visually stunning settings that capture the essence of futuristic and otherworldly landscapes.

The Scifi Model is trained extensively on various aspects of science fiction imagery. This training enables the model to understand and replicate the unique elements that define sci-fi environments, from sprawling futuristic cities to distant alien landscapes.


  1. Cinematic Quality: Produces high-quality, visually captivating scifi environments perfect for film and game settings.

  2. Immersive Worlds: Creates detailed and atmospheric settings that draw viewers into the heart of a scifi narrative.

  3. Storytelling Enhancement: Elevates narrative and visual storytelling in scifi projects.

Use Cases

  1. Video Game Development:Helps game designers craft immersive worlds that enhance gameplay and player experience.

  2. Digital Art: Artists can explore and create unique sci-fi themed artworks.

  3. Film and Television Production: Ideal for conceptualizing and creating visual effects and backgrounds.