Copax Timeless SDXL

Copax TimeLess SDXL is a cutting-edge diffusion model dedicated to a broad range of artistic styles. Prioritizing style diversity over genre limitations, it allows users to craft captivating images. Continuously evolving, it boasts enhanced character and facial details. Rooted in the foundational architecture of SDXL 1.0, Copax TimeLess SDXL is meticulously crafted to prioritize artistic versatility.


  1. Unparalleled Style Diversity: TimeLess SDXL breaks free from genre limitations, offering a vast palette of artistic styles for users to explore.

  2. Detailed Renderings: The model excels in capturing the nuances of character and facial details, ensuring lifelike and authentic visual outputs.

  3. Based on Proven Architecture: Building on the robust foundation of SDXL 1.0, TimeLess SDXL combines reliability with innovation.

Use Cases

  1. Digital Art Creation: Artists can harness TimeLess SDXL to craft diverse artworks, from portraits to abstract pieces.

  2. Content Generation: Ideal for content creators aiming to produce visually rich and varied content for their audiences.

  3. Interactive Design: Designers can iteratively shape their creations, experimenting with a myriad of styles.

  4. Educational Tools: Art students and enthusiasts can explore different artistic genres, understanding their nuances and principles.

  5. Entertainment and Media: Film and game producers can utilize it for pre-visualization, setting the artistic tone for scenes and backdrops.