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Zavychroma SDXL

Zavychroma SDXL emerges as the natural successor to the ZavyMix SD1.5 model, now reimagined for the SDXL framework. This model line is a testament to the seamless integration of magic and realism, a signature style that ZavyMix fans have come to love. With its transition to SDXL, Zavychroma SDXL promises not only a continuation of this unique aesthetic but also significant enhancements in image quality and coherence, especially in intricate details like eyes and teeth.


  1. Enhanced Realism: Improved rendering of realistic details, particularly in complex areas like eyes and teeth.

  2. Refiner-Free Excellence: Delivers high-quality results without relying on a refiner, streamlining the creative process.

Use Cases

  1. Digital Art:Artists can create stunning compositions that blend fantasy and reality.

  2. Graphic Design: Designers can infuse magical elements into their work for unique branding and visual storytelling.

  3. Entertainment Industry: Filmmakers and game developers can utilize this model for concept art and visual effects that require a blend of the fantastical and the real.