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SDXL Inpainting Auto

SDXL Inpainting Auto is a cutting-edge AI tool designed to revolutionize the way you transform images. It offers unparalleled precision and versatility in inpainting, allowing you to add or change backgrounds in any image effortlessly.

SDXL Inpainting Auto provides two sophisticated methods for background replacement:

  1. Using Inpainting Mask: This method allows for precise control over the areas to be inpainted, enabling users to seamlessly add or alter backgrounds with accuracy.

  2. Using Inpainting with ControlNet: ControlNet enhances the inpainting process by clearly defining the foreground and background areas. This results in images with distinct separation between elements, lending the model its 'Auto' designation for its automated precision.

Key Features:

  1. Dual Inpainting Methods: Choose between Inpainting Mask and ControlNet-based inpainting for tailored background editing.

  2. Clear Foreground-Background Separation: Achieve crisp distinction between image elements, enhancing overall composition.

  3. Integration with SDXL Models: Compatible with Real Vision XL, Dreamshaper XL, and Jaggurnaut XL, expanding creative possibilities.

  4. High-Quality Results: Produces visually stunning and coherent images, thanks to the power of SDXL.


  1. Photography Editing: Enhance or change photo backgrounds for professional or personal projects.

  2. Graphic Design: Create compelling designs with custom backgrounds.

  3. Digital Art: Experiment with different artistic backgrounds to bring your digital artworks to life.

  4. Educational Tools: Teach advanced concepts in digital image editing and manipulation.

  5. Advertising and Marketing: Produce eye-catching images with distinct foreground and background elements for campaigns.