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ControlNet Openpose SD1.5

ControlNet OpenPose: A Fusion of Precision and Power in Human Pose Estimation. Dive into the world of advanced computer vision with ControlNet OpenPose, a unique blend of ControlNet's capabilities and OpenPose's renowned human pose estimation prowess. This integration not only elevates the features of both systems but also offers users unparalleled control within the Stable Diffusion framework.

At the heart of ControlNet OpenPose lies a synergistic combination of ControlNet's robust control mechanisms and OpenPose's state-of-the-art pose estimation algorithms. This architecture is meticulously designed to process vast amounts of visual data, ensuring accurate and real-time human pose detection and manipulation.


  1. Enhanced Precision: By merging ControlNet with OpenPose, users experience a significant boost in the accuracy of pose estimation.

  2. Real-time Manipulation: The integrated system allows for instantaneous adjustments and control of human poses.

  3. Versatility: Suitable for a range of applications, from animation to fitness tracking, thanks to its comprehensive feature set.

  4. Optimized for Stable Diffusion: Achieve controlled and targeted results within the Stable Diffusion framework, especially when working with human subjects.

Use Cases

  1. Film and Animation: Animators can use ControlNet OpenPose to create realistic human movements and postures in animated sequences.

  2. Fashion and Apparel Design: Designers can create virtual models with accurate human poses for fitting and design visualizations, leading to more precise clothing design and cost-cutting production processes

ControlNet Openpose License

ControlNet Openpose, in its commitment to ethical AI practices, has embraced the CreativeML OpenRAIL M license. This decision not only underscores the model's dedication to responsible AI but also aligns it with the principles set forth by BigScience and the RAIL Initiative. Their collaborative work in AI ethics and responsibility has set the benchmark for licenses like the OpenRAIL M.