Cost per second for a slow inference

$ 0.001000

The speed depends on the GPU on which the model is run.

To get faster inferences please contact our sales team.

Cost per second for a fast inference

$ 0.001500

For enterprise pricing and custom weights or models

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The Manmarumix model stands as a testament to the fusion of artistic expression and digital clarity. This innovative AI model is skillfully adjusted to balance the charm of a hand-drawn look with the distinctiveness of clear backgrounds, all while maintaining the unique characteristics of the Thumbelina Model.

At its core, the Manmarumix model is engineered to refine and enhance digital imagery. It delicately adjusts the hand-drawn elements to ensure they blend seamlessly with vividly clear backgrounds. This balance is achieved without compromising the distinctive style and charm inherent in the original Thumbelina Model


  1. Artistic Balance: Perfectly blends hand-drawn aesthetics with clear, distinct backgrounds.

  2. Enhanced Clarity: Ensures backgrounds are crisp and detailed, adding depth to the overall image..

Use Cases

  1. Animation and Film:Offers a unique aesthetic for animated projects and digital storytelling.

  2. Digital Art: Artists can explore new dimensions in cartoon artistry.

  3. Marketing and Advertising: Useful for creating engaging cartoon visuals for promotional content.

  4. Educational Content: Enhances learning materials with appealing cartoon illustrations.